About Us

STLMade is a movement within the St. Louis metropolitan area that shines a light on the amazing things our innovative, tenacious, big-hearted people are doing. It’s supported by a region-wide collaboration of residents, local leaders, institutions, businesses and nonprofits helping to tell our story – that St. Louis is a place where you can start up, stand out and stay.

The STLMade movement is an initiative of Greater St. Louis, Inc., which brings together business and civic leaders to create jobs and opportunities, expand inclusive economic growth and improve St. Louis’ global competitiveness.

The Power of A Story

Stories move us. Connect us. Teach us something new. Inspire us.

The stories we tell on our site highlight the community and culture that make St. Louis a great place to live and work.

Have an idea for an STLMade story? We’d love to hear it: send it in here. Editor Lauren Harms Milford works with contributing writers, photographers and video production firms to tell these stories. Reach her at editor@thestl.com.

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STLMade Toolkit

#STLMade belongs to all of us. We encourage you to use #STLMade elements to communicate the movement your way. Logos, phone screens, Zoom backgrounds and more are available here.

The video above features STLMade people from our stories on theSTL.com, our neighbors and our favorite places. Special thanks to STLMade Once Films for video editing and to STLMade filmmaker, speaker and activist Prince Ea for voiceover.