Jacqui Germain


Jacqui Germain is a poet, freelance writer, and journalist with a consistent but manageable love affair with oxford commas. She’s a sucker for good storytelling and even better storytellers. Though she openly dislikes Imo’s (*egad!*), she’s incredibly grateful to have found a home in such a brave, generous, complicated city. Her journalism and poetry have appeared in “The Nation,” “The New Inquiry,” “The Offing,” “Muzzle,” “ALIVE,” and elsewhere. Learn more at jacquigermain.com.

Jacqui Germain


Call of the Wild

For Kari Musgrave, honing her veterinary skills at the world-class Saint Louis Zoo is a dream come true.

portrait of st. louis veterinarian

Midwest Millennials

Post-grads are learning that St. Louis’s low cost of living means more money for business and leisure.

T-rex building

Moving Forward

Historic St. Louis gems are earning new appreciation for marrying the past with the future.

Art in Motion

Through the Justice Fleet, Amber Johnson empowers people to heal.