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At Spot, we believe in making content that can inspire, educate and evoke an emotion. We love our work — after all, we get to make videos, podcasts and all that other fun stuff for a living. And because of our team, we’re pretty good at it! Spot has a dedicated core group of super-fun and talented people, “The Spotties,” who work very hard to ensure our clients walk away happy and 100% satisfied. We’re in South City, so come by for a beer!

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Shared Solutions

Through Odd Couples Housing, John Levis is tackling local lodging issues by pairing senior and millennial roommates.

“We think this idea has legs to expand to other communities,” founder John Levis says of Odd Couples Housing.

Game On

With dozens of studios, courses and events, St. Louis is becoming the nation’s next video game development hot spot.

Graphite Lab employees