Geospatial Growth


St. Louis is putting geospatial on the map, creating a global hub for geospatial technologies and businesses. As this industry grows and shapes the region, we’re telling the stories of St. Louisans who are making it happen and paving the path for geospatial careers for the next generation.

Learn more about geospatial in our infogram.
Leaders in the region explain geospatial technology and the many ways it's being used in St. Louis.
Entrepreneur Bronwyn Morgan brings drones and geospatial tech together with her company, XEO Air.
Kemba Noel-London used geospatial data in her doctoral research to discover disparities in access to youth sports throughout the St. Louis region.
St. Louis is positioned to become an international hub for the geospatial industry.
Creve Coeur-based Climate LLC is helping transform the possibilities, profits and precision of farming in the digital age.
In Fox Park, nonprofit Rung for Women helps women take their personal and professional lives to the next level.