Amy Burger


As a seasoned freelance journalist and public relations specialist, Amy Burger (she/her) has written for numerous local publications about a wide range of topics including interior design, architecture, music, theatre, art, food and parenting. She is a firm believer that all pizza should be thin crust and covered in provel cheese. Amy is a longtime resident of Kirkwood who, when not writing or going to concerts, is busy raising two daughters. For more information, visit

Amy Burger


A Welcoming

MaTovu celebrates five years of fellowship and inclusive programming for the Jewish community in the City of St. Louis.

Sew Crafty

First through a youth academy and now with a new online portal, Olivia Rae Davis wants to get more people…

Raising the Bar

With ethically sourced cacao and local raw honey, Cam and Haley Loyet’s Honeymoon Chocolates makes bean-to-bar craft chocolate in its…

Turning the Tables

David Stine crafts one-of-a-kind wood furniture for restaurants and homes around the country, all made from fallen trees on his…


With Refab, Eric Schwarz gives new life to St. Louis' past by repurposing the pieces of its architectural history.

The Power of Plants

Mónica Carlsen, a Venezuelan immigrant and plant biologist with the Missouri Botanical Garden, is inspiring the next generation of budding…

Preserving the Past, Shaping the Future

Michael Allen pushes back against the traditional view of preservation, and wants St. Louisans to embrace and appreciate all parts…

Hope and Heart

Valeda Keys turns strength into action as she helps St. Louis women recover from breast cancer.


Fresh From the Vine

Tony White’s locally grown tomatoes are the not-so-secret ingredients in many St. Louis chefs’ acclaimed dishes.

tony white holding box of fruit

Masters of Light

Just as their great-great grandfather did, Aaron Frei and his siblings are coloring St. Louis with hand-crafted stained glass.

Emil Frei

Appetite for Action

De Nichols and the FoodSpark team bring social change to the potluck table.

De Nichols

Open Invitation

The tech community in St. Louis is reaching out to diverse groups, and the nation is taking notice.

Venture Cafe'

Food for Thought

The Chicago Tribune is impressed with the St. Louis dining scene, but there’s plenty more for the newspaper to discover.

Qui Tran from Nudo House

Speaking the Language

St. Louis is positioning job seekers for global opportunities.

Bilingual resident