Michael Thomas


As an accomplished photojournalist, Michael Thomas often finds himself engaged in some of the area’s most important and polarizing stories. His work has appeared in both national and international publications, on television shows and with various big-name companies. What drives Michael is having the unique opportunity to connect with many different people as he documents their stories, especially those that often are overlooked. Favorite spot in St. Louis: University City Loop. Learn more at miketphotog.com.

Michael Thomas


Rising Stars

Women business owners in St. Louis are drawing more funding and attention than ever before while giving other women a…

Urban Oasis

Theo Smith thought he’d become an urban planner, but Kennedy Forest in Forest Park beckoned.

Home Run

St. Louis scores again and again as one of the nation’s best baseball cities.

Busch Stadium

All That Jazz

Lauren Parks and Jas Gary Pearson have turned the childhood home of music legend Miles Davis into a community catalyst.

Lauren Parks and Jas Gary Pearson outside the childhood home of Miles Davis

Innovation Destination

OPO Startups founder Randy Schilling boosts Main Street St. Charles by connecting local tech, retail and service communities.

Randy Schilling

Appetite for Action

De Nichols and the FoodSpark team bring social change to the potluck table.

De Nichols

Finding the Spirit

SLU professors Pauline Lee and Rachel Lindsey are exploring what religion in unexpected places means to St. Louis’s future.

Slu Religion Masthead

Niche of Time

John Clark and Masterclock keep the world in sync.

Masterclock CEO John Clark examines a time-keeping device.

Keys to the Community

Kayia Baker and Pianos for People are changing lives one note at a time.

Family Matters

Angie Smart is an accomplished violinist with the St. Louis Symphony – a career her son Theo Bockhorst might want,…

Angie Smart and Theo Bockhorst rehearse in the green room at Powell Hall.

Bass-ic Instinct

Tonina’s passion for the low notes is creating a hum in St. Louis.

Cooking with Love

Through food, ‘MamaCat’ Cathy Daniels nurtures and respects St. Louis’s unhoused residents.